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Choosing an LPN to RN Training Program

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Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) only have one year of training in healthcare. Usually, their training gives them entry level jobs with lower salaries compared to other nurses. They typically assist in simple procedures like administering injections under supervision, performing routine tests, caring for infants, administering medication, and taking temperatures or blood pressures.

On the other hand, Registered Nurses (RNs) have a more advanced career either as a unit’s head nurse or the leader of administrative work. They can also become lecturers in nursing schools and can climb higher in the career ladder of an organization.

Reasons for LPN to RN Training

LPNs and RNs typically share a similar job description and work together as supporting staff of therapists, surgeons, and physicians. However, RNs usually have more freedom in performing the tasks without prior permission. And since LPNs only assist in basic tasks, some hospitals have the tendency to hire only RNs. Therefore, it’s not surprising why LPNs desire to move up their training to be licensed as an RN.

LPN to RN Training Programs

There are various dedicated conversion programs all across the nation if you’ve begun your LPN nursing career. There’s a lot of LPN to RN schools offering credit for your previous qualification and training so it would be easier for you to sit through the NCLEX –RN board exams.

Remember that making the shift form LPN to RN would require a lot of commitment in training and hard work in studying. If you wish to advance to the status of an RN, you must have at least two years of working experience to have an accelerated program. If not, you can study Associate’s Degree in Nursing where it would take you 2-3 years to finish and obtain the RN license.

Generally, many RNs truly possess a nursing Associate’s Degree as their education in the highest form. It’s common to find LPNs take advantage of the hospital’s tuition reimbursement benefits to gain support for their higher studies. After all, it’s going to be worth it because RNs will surely have a higher salary and would be more in demand compared to LPNs.

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